Climate Launchpad 2015 competition results

One month ago we announced our participation to the Climate Launchapad 2015 competition. Now it’s time to summarize what we did in the past four weeks:

  • On June 30th and July 1st, we participated to the boot camp.
  • During the past four weeks we improved the presentation of our project with the Climate Launchpad’s coaches. We worked hard to achieve the best possible result during the Italian final.
  • On July 24th, we participated to the Italian final and we pitched our project together with other nine of the best start-up ideas.
  • We got the 6th place overall. This place was not enough to get access to the September 4th European final in Amsterdam.

You can find a description of our project on the Climate Launchpad 2015 competition official site. Even if we didn’t get access to the European final, we wish to thank all the guys from Climate Launchpad for their time and support.

Now let’s continue to work hard to finalize our first iaiaGi prototype.

Stay tuned!