Company main activity

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iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup has as its main activity the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value, and more specifically the development, production and marketing of an innovative universal electric drive system for the conversion of endothermic vehicles into electric vehicles (Retrofit) or the production of new electric vehicles.

The following is the research and development estimated budget for year 2019:
1) Cost of production € 3.574.000
2) Production value € 450.000
3) Basic research costs€ /
4) Costs of applied research and development € 1.482.000
5) Competitive and pre-competitive development expenses € /
6) Service fees for certified incubators € /
7) Personnel and collaborators gross costs, including members
and administrators
€ 1.320.000
8) Legal fees for property rights registration€ 200.000