iaiaGi attending #climatestrike on september 27 in Modena. Come with us!

Versione Italiana

This one is the #Climatestrike week, a global event where young people all over the world are strongly claiming their right to have a livable future for themselves and their sons and daughters. The demand is to see concrete actions implemented to counteract the climate change phenomenon, by now grown at unsustainable levels.
At iaiaGi, apart from our age,  we feel this event very close to those values upon which we have founded our project since the very first day, and we feel that we share motivations and objectives with it. For this reason we will be in the streets as well this Friday Sept. 27 in Modena, to claim the immediate application of substantial, radical and, most likely, exceptional political and economical actions. Those who have been following us in the past years know well our project’s foundation values: respect for the environment, for the human kind and for the relationship between mankind and environment. These values are key to have a livable world for us, our children and the future generations. We feel that we can’t comply anymore to unsustainable practices and standards just because “that’s how things have gone” until now. There is no more time for pure facade actions: we need strong operations and focused cooperation of politics with the production system. We feel that we can’t accept anymore an economical system driven by growth and profit for itself, leaving behind, or even totally ignoring, the consequences of its decisions upon Earth environmental conditions. We want economical activities to be developed in an innovative way, with no further disposal of plastics in the sea, waste on the ground and CO2 and greenhouse gases in the air. A commitment is required by all citizens, with no exception, to accept the change in the everyday life and to measure wealth with criteria of sustainability and protection of natural resources. In this sense, the conversion of fossil fuel propelled vehicles into full performance electric vehicles is one of the resolutive solutions, surely effective in facilitating the transition towards a no-emissions mobility and useful at the same time in setting to zero the impact of vehicle dumping. Take part with us this Friday 27 in this demonstration. Share it, spread it, talk about it and, if you can, walk and meet with us to discuss with these young people who, with better foresight than us “adults”, are taking care of everybody’s future.