IaiaGi is in the top 10 of the Italian Climate Launchpad 2015 competition!

We have really good news! Our project was selected among the ten who will participate in the Climate Launchpad 2015 competition selection.

Find here the link to go to Climate Launchpad 2015 competition Web site. Click here to see the selections ranking list on ASTER Web site, where we got the sixth place tied with another project.

This result allows us to participate in the boot camp to be held in Bologna on June 30th and July 1st. The boot camp is aimed at preparing the national selection of the first three projects to the European final.

Participation in this international competition is an excellent opportunity to give iaiaGi project a high visibility in the European environmental sustainability projects field. Even if we will not be European finalists, the participation to the competition should generate interest and possible partnerships of great value.

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