iaiaGi project meetings to start this Wednesday 13/5

Our project’s Call for Makers really went the way we were wishing. At the end of the presentation we got an interested response from people with diverse background and experience, which is exaclty the mix that one should expect in a Fablab – and indeed what a Makers project needs.

We will soon post in the blog a more detailed and descriptive report of last Saturday’s Call for Makers, including the video taken during the project presentation. It’s going to be a really interesting document.

However, as an immediate follow-up, the Call for Makers event has enforced our confidence about having the right numbers to quickly initiate the weekly iaiaGi meetings in the Modena Fablab. The first meeting is scheduled right next Wednsday May 13 at 9PM at the Modena Fablab in strada Barchetta 77.

The meeting will be open to everybody, either those who have attended the Call for Makers or new interested ones. We will have possibility to get to know better each other, each to tell her/his own experience, ambitions and expectations towards the project and also to make the status of the project itself to understand together how to proceed in an organized manner.

Therefore we expect the same openness and enthusiasm experienced last Saturday.


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