iaiaGi Team

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Enrico Melotti

Born in Modena in 1990. His professional development starts as Chemical Industrial Expert technical high school certificate, then continuing studies in Mechanical Engineering in Modena and Reggio Emilia University, where he achieves the three-year bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering .
In parallel to the university studies, he achieves the certification as Expert in Industrial Automation after attending the courses at the IAL Institute in Modena, and in 2015 he achieves the related official professional qualification.
Currently he is employed as a Mechanical Project Engineer in a consultancy studio in the field of the industrial automation. Previously, he gained experience in the technical office of a company specialized in titanium processing and special parts for the aerospace and automotive sectors. Such experience allowed to complete the development path for startup and NADCAP certification about anodic titanium oxidation plant for the aerospace industry.
He deals with mechanical design supporting electrical and electronic components. He cooperates to the logistic and administrative management with the role of responsible of public relations. He is part of iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup
Board of Directors of with the role of advisor.

Flavio Odorici

Born in Vignola (Modena) in 1954. As a freelance professional, he started his activity as electronic designer in 1979. He always considers indispensable values of ethical and social sharing of work. From 1983 to 2010 cooperates as external consultant with Ferrari S.P.A., in the Sport Management Division.
He designed and implemented driving simulators used in Formula 1, firstly in cooperation with Marelli, later autonomously to deliver the major driving simulators currently in use.
He had great professional gratification by his engagement in technological aids for disabled persons, spastic children in particular: Together with Auxilia, a company with a great experience in this field, he developed several interfaces and sensors to improve many affected user’s life quality.
He had the role of Design & Development Director in Riker S.R.L..
In 2010 the conversion kit from endothermic to electric for the Smart ForTwo is carried out. The kit achieves the official technical approval without consensus of the original producer and is produced in small series.
In Evotek S.R.L. he managed the electronic design of Sym026, a new generation of Formula 1 driving simulators, to be used in pilot’s training and high-end gaming.
Since 2015 he is part of iaiaGi Project. He has managed the hardware part of the prototype “Kevin 1” development, that has been completed for driving on road in January 2018.
Currently, together with the iaiaGi team, he is developing the Kevin 2.0 project, which will bring performances to the retrofit comparable to those of newly produced electric cars, with much lower price tags.
Within iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup, he deals with the electronic design and has the role of technical administrator and coordinator. He is part of iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup
Board of Directors of with the role of advisor.

Alberto Trentadue

Born in Rome in 1968. Achieves the bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering in 1995.
Until 2017 he had the role of Project Manager in the multi-national Anritsu group, managing the implementation of HW/SW systems monitoring the telecommunication networks for major telecom operators in Europe. He got Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2007.
In 2014 he started the cooperation with Valerio Vannucci in co-founding and developing the iaiaGi Project for automobile vehicles electric retrofit. Besides the general project promotion and development, he focused on the software items and connected technologies within the conversion kit.
Since 2017 he initiated the independent professional studio Agilioty (agilioty.com) and delivers design and implementation consultancy about process and environmental monitoring systems by means of connected technologies (IoT). iaiaGi Project co-founder, he deals with electronic design and programming of the connected components and together with Valerio Vannucci he administers and coordinates the management, development and communication activities. He is part of iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup
Board of Directors of with the role of vice-president.

Valerio Vannucci

Born in Chieri (Torino) in 1968. Takes his academic education at Pisa University where he achieves Aerospace Engineering bachelor’s degree.
Initially, he works for two years as information systems engineer and later, he starts his professional career as telecommunication protocols expert within the industry of the fixed and mobile telephony networks monitoring systems, in the multinational company Netscout. 
During his 19 years career in the telecommunication area, he deals with technical support and education at customers, project management for professional services deliveries and in parallel carries out his passion for the information technology, electronics and automotive applications.
In 2010 he conceives the fundamental concepts beneath the development of iaiaGi Project, co-founded in 2014 together with Alberto Trentadue. He joins his telecommunication protocols experience with information technology, electronics and automotive industry for the success and wide spreading of the iaiaGi Project. iaiaGi iaiaGi Project initiator and co-founder. He deals with electronic design, vehicle interfacing components programming and with communication protocols. Together with Alberto Trentadue, manages and coordinates project’s administration, development and communication activities. He is part of iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup
Board of Directors of with the role of chairman.

Franco Vecchi

Born in Modena in 1961. Passionate about electronics and telecommunications since young age, at 14 he achieves his first certificate of Electronic Experimenter at Scuola Radio Elettra in Turin. He achieves the Technical High School certificate in Electronics and Telecommunication and cooperates already during the school years with several companies of that sector. He learned computer programming on a self-assembled Apple II.
In the following years, by appointment of the Modena ASL and of the Blind People Union, he deals with the design of technical aids, such as a small series of Braille printers, besides his mainstream activity about design and implementation of electronic devices and information systems for the industrial automation, cooperating with some international companies like Philips.
Beginning of 1990 he cooperates with a small company as an external consultant for the development of an electrical car prototype and participates to the Hong-Kong world convention of automobile producers focused on electric vehicles.
In the subsequent years he coordinated a group of software developers in the implementation of one of the first integrated supervision and control system connected by WAN over 5 ceramics production plants – an early realization of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.
Always being interested into social and environmental issues, he is an activist within the community of the Social Economy since 2011.
He deals with electronic design and firmware development concerning vehicle automation aspects. He is regular member of iaiaGi S.R.L. Innovative Startup.