Project defined, off we go

The long time since last post to this blog was published, wasn’t really an inactive time. Quite the opposite!

After the project was officially kicked-off in July, with a clear definition of objectives and technical approach, we entered in that phase where one has to plan for the actions, that is, to decide how the endeavour, its design, its techical solutions and its timeline will be handled.

A tangible summary of this definition work can be seen in this website’s Wiki. The Wiki language is English, in line with our decision to produce all project documentation in that language.
The key defintion tools are:

  • The Project Identification Diagrams: These diagrams identify the phases and key sub-projects making up to the overall iaiaGi project development. They should describe the span of our research and planning endeavour.
    They should also help evaluating priorities. iaiaGi is going to be more than a simple DIY experiment: we want to propose a general available approach about producing mobility in a sustainable, reuse oriented model.
    This is not going to be simple: when it comes to handle complexity, breakdown of the big project into phases is a must:

    • Concept phase: its objective is to implement the conversion of a standard gasoline powered (ICE) car into an EV, to sort out the main problems, make a proper implementation experience and getting something to show to make consensus and support
    • Pilot phase: develops the ICE car conversion standard process towards the implementation of the first instance of a reproducible converted EV.
    • Kit phase: the ultimate project objective implementation, that is a fully engineered and universally standardised kit and methodology for ICE cars conversion into EVs.
  • The Master Breakdonw Structure: this diagram differs from the above in the fact that decomposes the project in the competence area. iaiaGi implementation requires a team work, with different expertise areas and specific skills.
    We need technical skills (power train integration, power management, car mechanics), but also administrative and management skills. A clear skills area definition helps developing and coordinating our iaiaGI team. Nevertheless, it has to be one team with no barriers, and one’s experience will be everybody’s experience.

But, not only we have spent this time in planning. We actually started to work.
According to our phasing, our primary urgency is to achieve the first ICE-to-EV conversion for a used car in the shortest time possible (the concept).
The first steps in this direction include:

  • To identify the vehicle to be converted
  • To evaluate its key mechanical characteristics and parameters
  • To figure out how to get one – of course in the cheapest way possible to get a used vehicle in good shape and mechanical conditions.

The top-10 list of candidate vehicles is in the wiki. The final candidate is still to be chosen.
Once the vechicle will be identified, then we will be able to evaluate the technical specs of the powertrain we’ll need.

Last, but not least, a new team member joined iaiaGi team. We welcome Alberto, who is helping us with his high level skills in the project management area.


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