What is the iaiaGi project?

We started to officially develop iaiaGi project on May 4, 2014. During the past 18 months, we consolidated our idea and we got aware of its strength. They were 18 months of contacts, discussions, studies, attempts and evolution of us and the project. We started with one person and currently we are 15 actual developers. We got an average of one developer per month. This is an excellent result. Focusing our attention to the past four weeks, we started the process to buy the car we want to use to build our first official ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) conversion into electric vehicle. We are near to buy it and begin our research’s practical activities. However, what is the iaiaGi project?

iaiaGi (which is an acronym that stands for Integrated Automotive Idea for an Advanced Galileo Ferraris finding Implementation) is a project to build an open hardware, open source development platform for the electric mobility. We inspired our project idea to the Arduino device development model. iaiaGi will generate all the documentation and all the hardware to be used for traditional vehicles conversions into electric. This will be available in the form of a kit that anyone can use to convert its car and/or develop a new zero emission vehicle. We thought to our development platform as a way to reduce electric vehicles cost and to collect all the improvements coming from an open culture model.

During the past 18 months we also better understood the potential of our idea, thus we introduced many new concepts in the fields of environment, human being and solidarity economy. These are the foundation of our project, which aims to be one of the first examples of technology applied to a new social and economic model that respects the environment as a basic resource we have to preserve for our successors. The project keeps the human condition and promotes any efforts to make its technological content human being compatible. The mutual knowledge and experience exchanges are developed with the objective to realize a smooth human inclusion in the project. They are preserved as richness. We do all our efforts to promote a solidarity economy, with a focus on the bioeconomy model. All these concepts are within reach of a technological project as iaiaGi is.

With all these values in mind, we decided to adhere to DES Modena (Distretto di Economia Solidale di Modena – Modena’s Solidarity Economy District) association, and we will be present at the CRESER (Coordinamento Regionale per l’Economia Solidale in Emilia Romagna – Emilia Romagna’s Solidarity Economy Regional Coordination) meeting to be held on November 7, 2015 in Modena. This is the right place to introduce our project as an innovation in the solidarity economy purview.

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