What’s next?

The past Saturday, November 7th, 2015, we participated to the CRESER (Coordinamento Regionale per l’Economia Solidale in Emilia Romagna – Emilia Romagna’s Solidarity Economy Regional Coordination) meeting, where we presented our project and our wish to participate to the solidarity economy panorama as one of the first technical projects. The attention to our project was impressive! We received a very good feedback and we were really excited to be there. But now, what’s next?

Next project’s steps will be to buy the Ford Fiesta and start working on the actual conversion into electric. We faced some troubles the past week, when we discovered that the Italian law does not permit us getting in free loan the car workshop one of our project’s developers promised us. Thus, we had to move to a new direction, and we promptly got a new solution: we will work in a private house garage. This is something similar to what happened to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when they started up Apple computers, or to Bill Gates with Microsoft. We hope this will bring us good luck!