iaiaGi Project activities termination notice

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On May 4, 2014, the iaiaGi Project was officially born to convert endothermic vehicles into electric. Today, 8 October 2020, we inform you that the iaiaGi Project ends its activities.

In recent years we have lived wonderful moments, full of positive energy and hope in the success of this company.

We members of the company have invested all possible energies to arrive at building a formally and technologically innovative production model, which would enhance the relationship with people, the environment and the economy.

Kevin Prototype at FICO, 2019
Despite everything, our strength was not sufficient to get the project off the ground, despite the many people who believed in us and to whom we express our gratitude: you were the added value of our studies, of our nights working on the prototype, of the our presence at events of all kinds, meetings of all levels, programs, dreams that we firmly wanted to bring to reality.

We tried our best, but it wasn’t enough, we are now aware of it and we accept it.

Now with the same courage as always we carry out the decision to definitively cease our activity, without prejudice to the values that animated it and that remain alive in us.

We thank all those who followed and helped us during this wonderful experience, six years of indelible value towards the sustainable future that we continue to wish for all of us.

The iaiaGi S.R.L. Board of Directors