Company purpose

Versione italiana

The company purpose is the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value, and more specifically:

  • the development, production and marketing of an innovative universal electric drive system for the conversion of endothermic vehicles into electric vehicles (Retrofit) or the production of new electric vehicles. This universal electric traction system is innovative because it allows the conversion of any vehicle with an endothermic engine into an electric vehicle regardless of the type, brand, model and configuration of the vehicle itself, as well as the construction of new electric vehicles and is of high technological value because the transformation into an electric vehicle, or the construction of a new electric vehicle, requires the development of technologies, processes and methods currently not available and which have a strong positive impact on the environment and on man. They contribute to the total abatement of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants into the atmosphere, water and soil;
  • electrochemical products (excluding chlorine, soda and potash) and electrothermal products production;
  • batteries and electric accumulators production;
  • other electrical equipments in general production;
  • electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and their engines production;
  • other parts and accesorios for cars and their engines in general production;
  • electrical equipments (excluding household appliances) repair and maintenance;
  • electricity production, within the limits allowed by current laws on electrical, thermal and hydroelectric energy;
  • electrical and electronic telecommunications devices, of radio and television transmitting devices, of electrical and electronic equipments (excluding inside buildings installation) installation;
  • tourism and light cars wholesale and retail trade;
  • other cars wholesale and retail trade;
  • motor vehicles mechanical repairs;
  • parts and car accessories wholesale trade;
  • other electronic telecommunication devices and other electronic components wholesale trade;
  • machines, accesories and agricultural tools, tractors included, wholesale trade;
  • recreational crafts wholesale trade;
  • other means and transport equipments wholesale trade;
  • devices and accessories for plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems’ installation wholesale trade;
  • not connected to the edition software production;
  • other natural sciences and engineering research and experimental development;
  • market research and opinion polls;
  • cars and light motor vehicles rental without driver, exluded those granted under finance leases.
The company will be able to carry out all complementary, ancillary or auxiliary activities to those that constitute the corporate object.
The Company may also conclude and carry out all operations and any necessary, useful or appropriate act for the implementation of the corporate purpose and, among other things:

  • real estate, commercial, industrial, banking and mortgage transactions;
  • financing by credit institutions, banks, companies and individuals, granting the appropriate real and personal guarantees;
  • participation in consortia, with internal and external activities.
Always in instrumental way to the pursuit of the social object, the Company, in a non prevalent way and in any case not towards the public, can:

  • sureties, guarantees and real guarantees grant for obligations assumed of third;
  • to take holdings or interests in other companies, in compliance with the provisions of the law in force from time to time, and in any case excluding the securities placement.

The aforementioned activities will be conducted in compliance with the legislation in force from time to time and in particular with compliance with the limits set forth in Law 39/89, Legislative Decree No. 58/98 and Legislative Decree 385/93, and excluding professional and non-reserved activities for certain subjects categories.