Example of conversion work items

The list below has been presented by Flavio Odorici during the project meeting on May 20 as one of the possible set of design issues and project work items entailed by a gasoline vehicle conversion into electric.

Although the project design choices are still to be defined and agreed, the list below represents a useful starting point and a design definition working tool. The upcoming project meeting will have the objectives to take decisions on the key design choices, deliver a definitive project item list and define the work packages to be assigned to the project teams.

  1. Kit: general architecture
  2. Mechanics
    1. Gearbox and differential replacement or transformation
    2. Friction evaluation
    3. Engine compartment aerodinamics and cooling verification
    4. Air or liquid cooling
    5. Battery mounting vs. maintenance accessibility to the engine
    6. Partners and intergation sites for the conversion
  3. Controller
    1. Controller characteristics
    2. Tuning
    3. Auxiliary PLC programming (Curtis embedded)
    4. Driving modes and presets
  4. Batteries
    1. Battery types
    2. Capacity
    3. Safety devices and solutions
    4. Battery Management System
  5. Catalitytic heating and control systems
    1. Characteristics and pollution
  6. Electric and Electronics
    1. DC/DC converter
    2. Auxiliary batteries and dedicated charger
    3. Galvanic isolation among subsystems
  7. Vacuum pump for power brakes and control circuits
  8. Battery charger: onboard or external
    1. Power and modularity
    2. Fast charge capability
    3. Power outlets and their regulations
  9. Legacy controls interface and systems integration
    1. Ergonomy
    2. Additional displays
  10. CAN Bus and additional logic integration – Customised electronic cards
    1. Main control unit and ABS
    2. Legacy commands signal tapping
    3. Stop light control in regeneration
    4. Other items
  11. Diagnostics and error state display
  12. Possible dashboard extensions
  13. Regulations and conformity certification process
    1. Masses per axle compliance
    2. Battery mounting compliance
    3. Electrical protection and working voltage
    4. Heating and windshield defrost
    5. Documents for conformity certification (safety references, interference protection, kit analysis)
  14. Manuals
    1. User manuals
    2. Kit assembly and maintenance manuals
    3. Electric schematics and section drawings
    4. BoM creation
  15. Technical support to the kit on the territory
  16. Test & measurements, required instruments

Other side topics:

  1. Charging points
    1. State of the art
    2. Joint ventures and support policies
  2. Communication management with media to promote the project towards sponsors
  3. Search for sponsorships
  4. Production scalability
  5. Financial sustainability
  6. Conformity certification and identification of a legal entity for liability for damages indemnification
  7. Tracking system, geo-position and remote management, fleet management


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