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Modena FabLab introduces an innovative sustainable mobility project: Call for Makers on Saturday, May 9th

Call4makers LeafletDid you ever think that through your own action, your old legacy car could become an electric vehicle? On Saturday, May 9th, at 4:00 pm, Modena FabLab, located in Strada Barchetta 77, presents an innovative project to convert legacy cars into electric vehicles. The project is dedicated to the makers community, and to all the people interested in DIY constructions. Its name is iaiaGi (www.iaiagi.com) and it offers a design path to produce a replicable kit to convert a legacy car into an electric car.

Project target is to build a working prototype, and to document the experience in an open manner towards a real product. This is an opportunity to all the mechanical, electronic and digital automation, eco-sustainable, mobility innovation, 3D printing and modelling DIY enthusiasts, or those who love creating a new open community.

iaiaGi is based upon digital technologies, knowledge sharing, DIY production, reuse and sustainability, low environment impact and localized production. This is a challenge to the traditional car conception: the project has its roots here in Modena, Land of Motors, and it aims becoming excellence for the future.

FabLab Modena is made by the Civibox association and it’s part of the FabLab Mak-ER regional network, coordinated by ASTER (www.aster.it)

But, what is FabLab? A FabLab (digital fabrication – fabbing laboratory) is a place where one can invent, prototype, make a project, and merge complementary and different competencies. It’s a place where one can meet people and discover new solutions to old problems. The laboratory exploits machines managed by Open Source software, with low and accessible costs.
FabLabs were conceived at the Boston MIT, and they are spreading all over the globe. They find their power in a philosophy that merges a local action to an international network. FabLabs are open sites to creativity, innovation, interest groups generation to the exchange of knowledge, competencies and resources.

The FabLab is an open site to designers, creative businesses, artisans, citizens, schools, universities, professionals, young, old or geeks inventors, curious…

Civibox is a social innovation and sponsorship association: it was established in 2011 from the will of a workgroup, that was informally active several years before, to generate a network of people and competencies to promote active citizenship, a shared live oriented to knowledge society, to a critic, creative and aware use of the technology.

Civibox operates with and on the territory: it has the partnership and support by the Modena Municipality, the Fanano Municipality, the Nonantola Municipality, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Modena and Reggio Emilia University, several associations, organizations, foundations, groups and private citizens.

Civibox administrates and coordinates the Modena Municipality’s Net Garage Network since 2012, nine free Internet browsing points on the municipality territory, and during these days it has introduced several activities, projects, treads and people. It takes care of “e-Inclusion” for oldsters and immigrants, Web safety for minors, digital skills for workers, janitors and teachers, access to knowledge thanks to digital tools, media education, and all areas of the smart city.

Information e contacts: 
mail info@fablabmodena.com
mail info@iaiagi.com | www.iaiagi.com


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