iaiaGi Call for Makers: multiply our strength

Our project is a DIY one, born with Makers spirit. Thus, the great harmony, established between us and the Modena FabLab in believing in this project, has not occurred just by chance.

Indeed, at the Modena FabLab, in Strada Barchetta n.77, on Saturday May 9th at 4PM, our first Call for Makers will take place, a public presentation aimed to extend our work group and ensure the achievement of the first fundamental objectives of the iaiaGi project.

The Civibox di Modena Association has founded FabLab Modena just last year, to give a modern shape to its strong commitment to support innovative Smart City technologies, to spread creative knowledge about new revolutionary digital tools and, in a more general sense, to create a skill and competence network.

A FabLab is certainly the natural home for a project like ours: we share the same methods and principles, about learning by producing and making with one’s own hands, exploiting digital tool and technologies and Open Soure software, sharing resources and knowledge.

We have great expectations on this Call for Makers

First of all, we would like to transfer our enthusiasm to those who will join the event and extend iaiaGi team to acquire knowledge, experience and resources necessary for the implementation of such a complex endeavour.

We also would like iaiaGi project to become the engine of a more general subject, the sustainable mobility, capable to induce a real ecosystem of connected and/or parallel projects, fostering flowing of ideas and FabLab’s growth and consolidation.

iaiaGi is not (only) a project aimed to build an electric vehicle: it’s a project to produce a Conversion Kit. The essence of a Kit is that of an organic, documented and replicable toolset, whose Open Source nature adds to the implementation the potentials of an open tool:  knowledge widening, continuous users community-driven evolution and the definition of new services and productive businesses.

This Call for Makers is going to be the first public presentation of iaiaGi project and we have all the intentions and the enthusiasm to let this project achieve, through this presentation, the first crucial quality leap.

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