Modena’s Supercharger

Those who project their future with visionary and aggressive attitude, do not just wait for the conditions of an unavoidable future to realize: they rather influence the present to anticipate them.
This is indeed a sign of great foresight and habit to think forward, which are winners’ prerogatives.
It is surely such attitude lying behind the Tesla MotorsSupercharger” deployment, a futuristic EV recharge area, right here in Modena.

You may find it nearby the Modena Sud highway junction, facing the Fini Baia del Re Hotel. It’s the second station in Italy, after the one in Dorno, near Milan.
Looking at this unusual realization (unusual in Italy, I would say), a few reflections come to mind.


First of all, one would think to the sharp contrast, highlighted by this Tesla Motors realization, between Italian and the major american innovators’ entrepreneurial aptitudes.
Whereas in Italy risk is perceived as a hindering condition, where enterprises grow mainly on consolidated grounds and new products are launched only if they respond to expectations through well tested channels, american innovators bet on the unexplored grounds, embrace risk by programming the change, and influence expectations rather than following them.
Deploying a Tesla charging station in a country still at the stone age in terms of electric automobiles, means to lead the way, to show with facts which future is awaiting us – and who is really capable to make it.


It is interesting to notice how Tesla Motors has chosen Modena area to build this piece of future.
Modena, the historic land of automotive industry excellence, that hosted and hosts still now absolute valued brands, like Ferrari and Maserati… Right there Tesla Motors has decided to build a tangible sign of the great upcoming automotive revolution.


“Supercharger” station hosts the specific Tesla charging towers, nevertheless it is possible to rechange any electric vehicle, being universal charging towers available as well.superch_mo3
Just like saying that whoever is welcome who takes the route of the electric motor.

Looking at “Supercharger”, immediately the wish arises to see it full of electric cars charging their batteries with no toxic exhalation and then silently reprising their trip. And, to see many other stations like this one certifying that the revolution has succeeded.

This is another motivation to work for iaiaGi project!



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