Project Master Breakdown Structure

The diagram below shows the first level of breakdown applicable to the iaiaGi project, identifying the main deliverables and responsibilities.

The purpose of this diagram is to provide a first structure of the project organisation and an idea of the design and development work required to fulfil the 1st phase.

iaiaGi Master Work Breakdown Structure


Mission To identify a set of candidate powertrain systems (Electric Motor, Controller and Motor Adapter Plate) suitable for the prototype's and for phase 1 vehicle and design their configuration and integration
Responsibilities Electric motor, Controller ad Adapter Plate selection and design, Powertrain mechanical requirements
 Electric motor Adapter Plate requirement and design
 Options and alternatives
Skills EV, Mechanic and Electric/Electronic engineering


Battery Unit & Charger

Mission To identify and design the battery unit  and its charger system for the prototype and the phase 1 vehicle and design their configuration and integration
Responsibilities Battery technology selection
Battery unit integration requirements
Battery Charger selection and integration design
Skills EVs, Electric and Electronic engineering, Power electronics


Bodywork integration and mechanics

Mission To manage and design the overall vehicle construction , mechanics and assembling for successful driving
Responsibilities  Powertrain, battery and general mechanical integration on the selected vehicle 
Driving arrangement, stability and safety
Skills Vehicle mechanics, EV, Mechanic and Electric engineering


Facility Management

Mission To build and manage a functional sustainable workshop for the iaiaGi vehicle implementation with minimal environmental impact
Responsibilities To identify and design the sustainable workshop 
To manage and administer the location 
To minimise environmental impact
Skills Building administration, environmental technologies


Compliance & Legal

Mission To ensure maximum compliance with applicable standards and regulation
Responsibilities To identify applicable technology standards 
To manage compliance and approval by technical authorities 
To identify applicable legal opportunities and limitations
To protect the project against license infringements 
To represent the team within legal issues
Skills Legal in general, industrial laws, copyright laws


Team, Community & Communication

Mission To build a focused project team, well integrated internally and with the surrounding communities
Responsibilities Project management 
Task assignments and verification 
Conflict resolution 
Skill research 
Networking with experts and other makers communities 
Communication with press and public administration 
Web site management
Skills Project management 
Team leadership and soft skills 


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