Mechanical dimensioning stage

As mentioned in the January 21st, 2015 post “Project defined, off we go”, during these four weeks, we worked on the choice of the vehicle to be converted, according to the list of 10 candidates cars published in the wiki. We first aimed to identify what were the necessary technical information to make a mechanical dimensioning of each model in the list using the Excel spreadsheet published to GitHub. At this purpose we built a table that allowed us to properly collect these information for each model of choice. Once we completed the information collection, which required several Internet searches, we moved to the analysis of the collected data stage.

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Project defined, off we go

The long time since last post to this blog was published, wasn’t really an inactive time. Quite the opposite!

After the project was officially kicked-off in July, with a clear definition of objectives and technical approach, we entered in that phase where one has to plan for the actions, that is, to decide how the endeavour, its design, its techical solutions and its timeline will be handled.

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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle – Third Edition

Let’s start defining the basic guidelines of our EV conversion kit project. During the past months, I deeply studied the EV conversion world, and I collected a long list of useful resources. Thus, I understood I need a basic guideline document, manual or book to follow during the EV conversion kit design phase.

Today, I introduce you the excellent book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle – Third Edition by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant. This book is basically organized in four sections:

  1. Electric vehicles world overview.
  2. Electric vehicle history.
  3. Study of the EV conversion parts and phases.
  4. A practical example of an EV conversion.

The book is full of resources that anybody can use to work on his EV conversion.

The iaiaGi project will refer to this book for all the kit design phases.

DIY Electric Car

I’d like to share with you some interesting links about electric cars and the conversion of traditional internal combustion engine cars. Today, I present you a very interesting american site, that delivers a universe of information about DIY EVs (Electric Vehicles). This is the suggested very first page where to start understanding about EVs.

DIY Electric Car


Please, anybody who wants to register to contribute or participate to this site development can contact me through the “Contact Me” link in the above black navigation bar.

Automobile Elettrica Fai Da Te

Vorrei cominciare a condividere con voi qualche interessante link relativo alle automobili elettriche ed alla conversione ad elettrico dei mezzi tradizionali. Quello che vi propongo oggi è un interessantissimo sito americano che contiene un universo d’informazioni relativo alla mobilità elettrica fai da te. La pagina alla quale vi indirizzo è quella consigliata per iniziare a capire meglio che cosa significa il termine veicolo elettrico.

DIY Electric Car (Automobile Elettrica Fai Da Te)


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