Moving to a bright future!

Dear all,
starting on December, 21st, until January, 10th, 2016, iaiaGi project developers’ weekly meetings will stop for Christmas holydays.

For me, Alberto T and Valerio V the time has come to draw conclusions of this wonderful first year of operation.
We want doing it publicly thanking all of you who helped us achieving this feat!

Really thank you to:

  • Caterina Bonora and Alessandro Tassinari, you were the first to believe in our project and to promote it in the FabLab Modena, then in Civibox and in all the startups’ areas.
  • Flavio Odorici and Alberto Baraldi from Evotek Engineering for their constant and patient activities within the project as developers and councilors, as well as sponsors of our activities. Perfect hosts ready to welcome us in any activities of this first year.
  • Antonio Ciao, Gabriella Oliva and Mario Romeo from Tempo di Vivere ecovillage for their continued support in the various project activities, and their support to our group’s human resources management.
  • Aleksandra Semitaio for her first interview of the group, with the article published in the blog di Innovazione: her interest and curiosity in our project have strengthened our enthusiasm to continue.
  • Lucie Sanchez and Giulio Giunti, our coaches to Climate Launchpad 2015 competition, for having prepared and supported us for the competition, and their help to take the path to the startups world.
  • Fabio Roggiolani, Jacopo Fo and Michele Dotti for their support, their help and willingness to welcome us to the Festival Ecofuturo 2015, a gift of both trust and visibility.
  • Marina Covari from Aster, who interviewed us and published an article on Climate KIC Emilia Romagna website, for his curiosity and attention to iaiaGi project.
  • Andrea Gallerani and Giuseppe Busi from Aicon Industry for their availability, their support and enthusiasm to collaborate in our project.
  • Ivan Righi and Marco Righi from Kaitek for their interest and availability to collaborate with us.
  • Professor Enrico Artioli to his availability, his involvement and his commitment to welcome us to the event “Settimana della Scienza e della Tecninca (Week of Science and Technology)” at Modena’s I.T.I.S. Fermo Corni school institute.
  • Federico Trombi and Gianni Sighinolfi from B.Engineering for providing us a space in their workshop to prepare and convert the Ford Fiesta.
  • Alessandra Zagni from Nuova Ferrari e Zagni for her willingness to help us realize the conversion of the Ford Fiesta, a valuable future cooperation.
  • Andrea Casarini, Ivan Menozzi and Matteo Ferrari for their practical and moral support, and their continued interest in iaiaGi project.
  • Felice Accardo and Stefania Braga for believing in this idea and having recently joined the project developers group.
  • Alberto Baraldi, Alessio Reggiani, Alfonso Gianferrari, Andrea Donini, Andrea Zanni, Antonio Ciao, Enrico Melotti, Flavio Odorici, Franco Vecchi, Marco Casumaro, Mario Romeo, Maurizio Bergamini, Roberto Lugli, Simone Cortesi, Stefano Mamei, the hurt of iaiaGi project developers group. Their enthusiasm, their imagination, their passion, their patient presence are a source of constant energy. Thanks for your hard work so this idea may become a reality.
  • All friends, companions, wives and husbands of iaiaGi project developers. Without their fair and patient … especially patient … support this would not have been possible.

To all of you we sincerely wish to spend a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! iaiaGi waits for you on January, ready to go for a 2016 year that will take us to success!

Alberto and Valerio

Silent, but moving on

This post, after a relatively long pause, is just telling that we have not stopped. We are simply working, maybe silently, maybe too silently, but working hard.

Last months before the summer vacation period have been mostly focused on participating to important initiatives as the Climate Launchpad 2015 competition and the Festival Ecofuturo. These activities were aimed to gain visibility and widen our networking. Most probably the time and effort spent in participating to these events has slowed down the actual work on the conversion. But it wasn’t really wasted time because an innovative project needs visibility and needs more people, more feedbacks, more options, more ideas. We cannot afford to work on our own, in the closed workshop to discover at the end that world is going somewhere else, we need contact, we need confrontation with reality. And it was indeed a learning exercise.

However, as we got back from summer vacation, we realized that our development group was simply ready to start working on the real thing. The conversion fundamentals are clear at this moment.

We know what vehicle we want to convert: a 6th series Ford Fiesta, made around the 2009. The whole team is searching the web and our contacts to find one at a good price, a real bargain. We do not need a readily running car, we can also work with a lightly damaged vehicle, we will fix it anyway. We should make it in less than 2000 Euro.

We have decided the engine model (HPEV AC-51) and the controller (Curtis) to use in our powertrain. The engine was dimensioned through the calculations implemented by our calculation sheet. The controller is a natural choice for a DIY project and will allow a lot of learning and, why not, hacking as well!

We have recently also dimensioned the battery cells to be used in our project. We have chosen LiFePO4 3.2V cells with 100Ah capacity. The dimensioning was mainly driven by the minimum possible capacity that may allow the motor to deliver similar performances as the gasoline vehicle, especially in terms of maximum speed.

We will most likely find a suitable BMS here in Modena, there are factories producing such devices here at hand.

Last, but not least, a new member has joined the team, a professional mechanic, passionate with electric mobility. Nothing better! He has offered to the project a dismissed workshop near Modena, which we will use to work on the firts conversion. That’s a big hit!

So, we have clear ideas on the main components. We are sure that once the Fiesta will be in the workshop, we will jumpstart the work to replace the old engine in a brand new AC electric motor.

If you want to know all the details of our project developments, please consult the Meetings page, where we publish all our weekly meeting minutes.